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Thread: 20" Slab Beadlocks -- or.....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeepy View Post
    I have 17x9 kmc machete bead locks and will be going 37 13.5. I feel that anything above 17 doesnt belong on the jeep but thats just me. More tire options available and overall look is awesome as far as tire/wheel ratio.

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    I really like those KMC wheels and if I go 17s, I think the Machete's will be my choice. Until I saw Moby with 20' wheels, I felt the same way as you about a larger diameter wheels. My nephew who wheels with me was also very adamant about staying with 17s for better tire-to-wheel ratio aesthetics, which he prefers, but he, like me changed his mind when he saw some of the pics of Moby on 20's.

    JK Moby 1.jpg

    Oh well, it's not that crucial a decision that it's worth agonizing over, as I can always change things afterwards (at some expense!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astroman View Post
    You pretty much summed up the trade space! What it's coming down to is personal preference -- which historically, if more expensive, I'm usually willing to spend the extra dough for. I'm now leaning heavily (though still very much undecided) toward the 20x10 Slabs with either the Toyo Open Country 40x15.5 or Nitto Trail Grappler (maybe Mud Grapplers, but the road noise!) in the same size. Since I'm doing a 6.4 Hemi conversion in March, I'm not as worried about the extra tire mass.

    Congrats on your build -- awesome!
    Thanks! I wasn't even sure they were still making the 20x10 wheel pros stuff (KMC, ATM, but BTW - they also make the standard XD wheels, bling Asanti, Lorenzo, etc. and are China produced...). Glad there's at least a cheaper 20" solution. The 20" Trail Ready's look killer and are totally customizable, but def $$$$$!

    I wouldn't fear 40x15.5s on the 20s unless you want to run really tight trails. Do make sure you have backspacing and axle width correct so you don't have interference with the steering/suspension components.

    I need to update my build thread, but I'm supercharged now on the 40s. I daily drove the Jeep the last 2 months with 20-30 mile commutes at 80-85 MPH on the highway with no problems
    I would def consider/recommend Nitto MTs over the Mud Graps if you care about the road noise!!

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