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Thread: Evo tire carrier mounting strategies- what's the best?

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    Evo tire carrier mounting strategies- what's the best?

    I've read all the threads so far on the carrier install as well as Evo's instructions, and there are multiple ways of doing this. I'm doing the install this week, solo, so I'm hoping for the best advice for a trouble/rattle free install.

    The first step is mount the upper driver's bracket- got that. But then Evo wants me to hold the carrier up to the jeep with all 4 brackets on, and adjust the joints so the mounts all lay nice against the body, then drill and bolt. I've also read about guys who did a 1/2" "preload" of putting the passenger brackets higher so when the tire is on, it sags level. Others have mounted the two uppers first, then the lowers.

    What's the best way? I got a table from home depot and with some wood blocks, I'll be able to have it resting really close to the correct height to mount on the jeep. I'll use some wedges or floor jacks on the bottom of the table cross-bars to get it just right.

    Everything is primed and painted. Yes I did rotate the joints vertically after I took the picture.

    Rock skins go on tomorrow.


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    following because i will be doing this soon as well.

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    Hinrichs gave me this suggestion for mounting. I did not follow this method as mine was already installed, but if I were doing another one this is how I'd do it:

    "Dont think its right, but what I found out for me personally, was to get the drivers side upper started which is easy, then get the passenger sides both lined up and mounted. Make it open and close well, then latch the driver side upper, and slide in the lower mount into place then mark it. I had a problem with both of my installs where after it was drilled and all, the lower drivers side mount was a little high or low making it very hard to open and close."

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    That actually makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks.
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