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Thread: 93 ZJ---need advice

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    93 ZJ---need advice

    My front end will shake after I hit the smallest bump(doesn't matter on speed) in the road and after I apply the breaks it will stop shaking. Ive replaced rotors,pad and calipers. My tie rods are good my hubs are good but there fluid all around the steering box... I am assuming that's it but how can I be sure it is?

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    Shakes like a steering wheel shimmy and then it's all good again?

    Or shakes like 'I'm going to shit my pants, I need to get this fucker off the road?'
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    You should write down some specifics about your Jeep, as it makes it easier to diagnose. If you have lifted it, I would check your front trackbar bracket. Have someone turn your steering wheel left to right while you look at that bracket. If there is any movement in it whatsoever, that's more than likely your problem. I had the same issue with my '93 Laredo years ago. No matter how hard I tightened down the bolts, it would still wiggle just a bit. We finally welded it to the axle, and the wobble/death shake was gone the rest of the time I owned that vehicle.
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