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Thread: Superbowl Jeep commercial

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnvilRubicon View Post
    Miss mine everyday..but now I’m a soccer dad..

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    Lol. Yeah, I waited until my kids flew the coop before getting mine. Your time will come again. 🍻

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    For those curious, Jeep in waterfall commercial had 2" lift and 35s.

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    Awesome ad, love that they used the 2dr JL!!!!!

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    Ummm yeah. That was the best part of the whole Super Bowl

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    I wonder if they voided their warranty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipper View Post
    I wonder if they voided their warranty?

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    As long as it was a MOPAR lift they didn't. MOPAR aftermarket accessories are now covered under warranty I believe, at least for the JL. That's what I was reading about the JL when it first came out. You can get it form the factory with the MOPAR 2" lift and 35's, snorkel, tube doors, rock rails, a bunch of different stuff. You can get it just added to the loan and all the MOPAR parts are warranty covered now if I read it right.

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    Jeep looked good, they really made it look capable of some serious shit bone stock.

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    You are correct.

    Quote Originally Posted by GraniteCrystal View Post
    Probably filmed in Texas

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