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Thread: Front end popping

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    Front end popping

    Hey guys I’ve been having some troubles chasing down a popping noise in my front end (Of course). Every time I turn left while going a decent speed something in my Front end pops repetitively. At first I figured it was my u-joints but after replacing the front axles and U-joints with their chromoly counterparts nothing changed. I’m now thinking I shredded the gears in the front diff? Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    Lift the front off the ground and start turning the tires and driveshaft by hand. If you feel a spot where it isn't smooth, you might have a problem. When I was stripping ring gears your heard it every time it went around, when I popped some spider gears I had to get some differential action going to get to the spot it would bind up.

    Try blocking one tire at a time while turning things as well.

    Absolute best way to determine if there is a problem, just pull the diff cover off and inspect.

    Let us know what shakes out.

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    I had a popping a year or so ago. Turned out that one of the upper front shock mounting bolts was loose.

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