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Thread: Greetings from New Mexico

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    Mar 2018
    New Mexico

    Greetings from New Mexico

    I just recently found this site, and have enjoyed reading it. I'm 74 years old and retired from the utility business.
    My wife and I have built three jeeps over the last 40 years. We currently have a JL on order, with a list of mods
    for when it arrives. We are past members of the Red Rock 4 Wheelers, and have ran most all the trails in that area.
    We have also taken our jeeps to Mexico and Alaska. We have moved to more jeep exploring than rock climbing.
    Although we do enjoy an occasional rock or two. We just jeep more carefully now at our age, but enjoy the fact
    we can still do it. We look forward to being a part of this site, and maybe seeing some of you at the JES.

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    panhandle Florida
    Being an older (and vertically challenged) jeeper, I've decided to keep the JK on sport stock tires so I can comfortably climb into my DD. it may not be lifted and "built" for the rocks, but I'm still in a Jeep. Enjoy all that you can! Welcome to WAL from Florida panhandle!

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    Palos Hills
    Welcome to wayalife from Chicagoland

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    Sequoyah County, Ok.
    Welcome to Wayoflife from Oklahoma!

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    New Mexico
    Welcome to WAL!

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    Texas gulf coast
    Howdy from Texas!!!

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    Welcome to WAYALIFE from California

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    Take what you can! Give nothing back!

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    Gallatin Gateway, Montana
    welcome to Wayalife from Florida!

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    Welcome to WAL from Ontario Canada 🍺

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    New Mexico
    Welcome to Wayalife from a fellow New Mexican!

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