I went to Texas this past weekend and was impressed with what my Deserthawk Renegade can actually do, but....on the last steep bit we climbed, the Renegade seemed to cut power and not build up rpm’s past a certain point and it would stop climbing, with the pedal to the floor. I was finally able to make it up the hill with more of a running start. I noticed what looked like the another traction control, or stability control light flash on and off underneath the traction control light that comes on when turned off in 4WD Low/Lock. I was in rock mode, so it would stay in the lowest gear. One of the other guys I was with made it up the first time in his stock Cherokee Trailhawk, while spinning away.
Is there something I’m missing that I need to turn off, or on? I understand it’s a smaller 4 cylinder, but with 180hp and torque, it should have plenty to spin up the hill. At least, I would think.

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