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Thread: YJ tub swap

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    YJ tub swap

    Jeep YJ Tub Swap No Spark / Fuel Hello To All, Spent the last year and a half working on a YJ Straight 6 Automatic Injected. Start hooking up wires the other day hoping to hear it start. Nothing when turning key. Thanks to following all the threads i have jumped the fuel relay. Fuel Pump Works. I have checked the crank shaft sensor/ all good. I removed the 30 amp fuel ecu fuse. with ignition off i am reading 12.36 volts in place of fuse. With ignition on very little volts. Brake light will come on / no check engine light. Have swapped the CPU , no change. It was one i had laying around. Can both be bad, Sure. My ground looks good from motor to frame, positive on battery to motor reading is 12.36 volts.. I have the following two questions:
    1) Since all my wires are not connected, can i be missing a safety switch? 2) Is there any way to test the CPU?
    Also if i'm heading down the wrong path, please show me the correct one. Thank you to all,
    Ps. Motor turns in park and neutral

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    Yj tub swap

    Motor cranks. No spark or fuel.

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