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Thread: Evo price increase

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    Genright also increased their prices by 5%. They stated the price of steel increased so they have to adjust due to that.

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    Same Issue...........

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    Yeah I noticed the price jump the other day and was really bumped out about it :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuicksilverJK View Post
    Perhaps I'm reading too far into it, but it seems to me that the tariff on imported steel has driven up demand for domestic steel. This results in raised prices due to supply and demand. Good for the US steel economy, bad(ish) for the consumers who pay more for their products.

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    As long as it’s putting more Americans to work then it’s all good by me

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    Let’s do some math. Anyone with exact numbers jump in and correct this example. First, most import steel is slab carbon steel at about $0.25 a pound. Let’s say someone makes a 10 pound part with 10% scrap. 11 x $.25= $2.75 in import steel. Add a 25% tariff and it costs 69 cents more. There are a lot of reasons why people raise prices and it is not always what the media tells you. In California I assure you government regulators cost more that the steel.

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