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Thread: Adding a RAM mount to a JL Wrangler dash

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    Adding a RAM mount to a JL Wrangler dash

    After adding a RH4x4 cage to my JK a few years back I became spoiled to having a place to put RAM mounts. The RAM mounts in my JK are used for the CB holder (midland 75) and also my cell phone.

    After some looking around I decided to test out an idea. Ordered some things up and gave it go this morning. Here’s some initial things you’ll need to get this simple mod complete.

    • Philips head screwdriver
    • Sharp blade/exacto knife
    • RAM mount motorcycle base 11 mm hole
    • Small washer
    • Black electrical tape (optional)

    To get started, simply remove the black center dash tray protector. Under the tray you’ll notice a small screw on both the passenger and driver side. I decided to use the passenger side screw. Remove the screw and set it aside.


    Now grab your motorcycle ram mount and washer and then install using the existing screw and location.


    You’re halfway there. Easy peezy.

    Now, for a more finished look, you can trim the dash tray to fit back around the RAM mount. I chose to go this route. Note: you end up not needing to completely trim off the left side of the ridge as I did. I used some black electrical tape to clean that side up. Look fine, but hope to save you that hassle


    Once trimmed to your liking, simply wrap the dash tray liner back around the installed RAM mount.


    Now you’re ready to mount up whatever you wish. I’m planning to do my CB and likely a cell phone holder. It’s a small screw, so I would maybe caution against mounting anything too heavy. But do as you you see fit.

    Hope others might find this easy mod of value.
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    That's awesome. Great idea.
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    Nicely done

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    Good idea👍

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