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Thread: Tow wiring harness install, problem codes flashin

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    Tow wiring harness install, problem codes flashin

    I bought my Rubicon off the lot, it had everything I wanted except tow package. I purchased hitch and wiring harness. Installed it and everything worked fine (lights all worked on jeep as well as trailer) until I started the jeep. I now get a flash signal for ESS failure, Blind Spot Detector and Rear Cross Path Detector not operating. "Return to dealer for service". Not a big deal but it flashes every few minutes or so....Any ideas?? Hitch and wiring harness are Mopar OEM products for 2018 JL

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    I'm just taking a guess here , but is there a flash to the ECM that needs to be done so that the sensors know that there is a trailer hooked up and not to go BELLY UP as you've experienced.

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    I am also looking into adding the tow package and have been reading and watching installs, according to CJP no flash is required the problem you are describing occurred to another person who installed the molar kit and he said there was an adapter in the kit that he forgot to install or missed in the instructions. After installing it 2 cycles of starting and stopping his Jeep all codes were gone and no more warnings his errors were ESS, BSM,RCPD which is pretty spot on what your experiencing

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