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    Hey all,

    New to the forum. I have an 1996 Cherokee 2wd that was recently rendered undriveable, thanks to a dofus pulling out in front of my wife on a grocery run. Everybody was fine. Low speed crash ~15mph, no airbag deployment, front end damage, broken radiator, fan blades are broken but the belt is still spinning. Wheel well damage, but I was able to drive it the <1 mile back to my house after the accident, lots of rubbing and noise with 90 degree turns though.

    So here's my question. What would you do in my situation? I'm not mechanically inclined enough to pull parts to sell. I called a salvage yard and they offered me $150 to tow it away. I paid $1400 for it. I'm guessing it will cost a decent amount to at an auto shop to get it running again.

    What would you do?

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    I would think you could get more than $150 on Craigslist, try $750 or something and see what happens

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    If it has not been adjusted by a claims adjuster as totaled, you can probably fix it. But if you want to scrape it, as stated, ask for at least 750.
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    A unibody Cherokee can't take much of a frontal impact before it will be totaled. Depending on mileage and general condition of the rest of it you could probably get up to $1000 from the right buyer.

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    If you weren't so far, I'd take the axles. 😎

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