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Thread: Power switch control

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    Power switch control

    I posted earlier asking about opinions on the sPOD (resoundingly negative) Bantam. The negative feedback got me thinking.

    What do you guys think of an Open Source kit type thing, a handy person could solder together over a weekend (or less) and install in their own Jeep. The final cost would be a lot less than any of the other offerings I've seen and include basically all the features you'd expect (Per channel fusing, color LCD, easy mapping, etc). I've sort of proto-typed one out in my head so far that could be turned into a project like this. But thought I'd ask you all if you think this is a good, or bad idea? I suppose if there was demand for them assembled or partially assembled kits could also be sold, but the whole project would be available essentially for free (minus the parts to build it yourself of course).

    I'm going to build one for me either way, but if anyone thinks this would be a fun project to make available to the community I'll make sure to do more to keep it simple, tidy and neat knowing there's interest in the project. I'd also be happy to document it in a forum post if there is any interest. My inspiration for wanting to give it to the community was basically inspired by Eddie and CIndy and their amazing videos over on YouTube.

    Let me know what you guys think, or if this is even the proper forums for this... Thanks for reading

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    Over the years, members have posted some DIY switch boxes they've built. Some look simple and some look like a rat's nest.
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    I think you’ll find that the components are not as cheap as you’d expect, unless you have a line on good discounts. But by all means, go for it and report back.

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    So I did some research. and it did in fact cost more than I was thinking originally (My original guess, was under $100). But my final tally for something similar to the sPOD design is $145. Which includes everything one would need to build this thing. I ordered the parts and will start prototyping this thing and documenting it. But the functionality will be fairly basic in the first version. Since it's all MCU controlled expanded functionality (and bug fixes) will be super easy.

    Revision 1:
    6 ports at 30A each (up to 24v) (I couldn't find a suitable waterproof box, that's the only reason I'm going with 6 channels initially).
    3.5" Full color touch screen controll
    Digital "fuses" that can be set and reset via touch screen
    Current and voltage monitoring via touch screen
    Waterproof relays and case
    Bluetooth for eventually integration with iPhone & Android
    Single cable control connection to switch box/control
    Possibly expandable to additional switch boxes (The functionality is there already just need to think about this some more so it's just plug & play)

    So this can be done with 100% off the shelf pieces, but could also be built into a single PCB at some point for higher reliability (less connections to break). Since I went with I2C to control everything the wiring is kept to a minimum but there are multiple connections to be made and anything mechanical is a point of failure. After prototyping I will turn my attention to put it onto two PCB's (Control and switch box).

    But $145 for 6 channel control via touch screen doesn't seem to bad, but it could just as easily be 8 channel for say another $20 more. Literally the waterproof box I'm using is the limiting factor not the technology for this version.

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    Sounds like a fun project. Looking forward to seeing the progress. 🍻

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    Definitely sounds interesting. I'll stay tuned.

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