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Thread: Install EVO MFG 1/4

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssh6314 View Post
    I Know a lot of people here have this bumper, and its one i'm planing on buying for the Rubi this weekend.

    My question: Is this a direct bolt on, I've looked around the forum and around Evo's website and can't find any information, I just want to purchase anything else I might need now and not find out on install day.

    2014 Rubicon unlimited.

    Also on that note, Is there any vendors or members in the group that sell Evo products that anyone could direct me to, I would love to support in group rather than go outside for it.

    It is not a "Direct" Bolt in as you have to relocate the vacuum pump, the sway bar motor and cut off a cross member... If you are some what mechanically inclined it is fairly easy. It is a great bumper.

    You can support the forum by purchasing here:

    or contact Exodus Jeeps.

    there are also a few good threads here on the installation process.

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