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Thread: But I'll glady pinch a loaf in your toxic mouth

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammermanJKUR View Post
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    Fucking classic man! Love letter Kenny!

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    Patiently waiting for the screenshots of the PM this fuck stick sends to Eddie complaining about how we hurt his feelings. Followed by the signature move of how he will no longer be using this forum only to continue to post his stupid shit for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spider View Post
    PM me. I'm game boy. That seems to be all the core members saying here, "fuck off". LoL! You seriously should add that after way of life.

    If you wanted a private site and treat people like rudely then really only allow the people you know to be members. Keep to your own clan of people. Trust me Ill be spreading the word of how people act here on the site. And definitely showing my post and how it was changed around by the site admin.

    Alot of fake ass people here. The videos posted on you tube for "Way Of Life" and the attitude on the forums with the mouths of everyone here is surely misleading. Don't worry word of mouth spreads fast and you can be sure you'll only have your own kind on the site.
    More manipulation again. If you took it as a threat then you need to work on your comprehension. I said if you want it to go there then PM me. If its agreeable by two parties then I see nothing wrong with it. We can make it a legal deal.

    Definitely not my type of folk that I enjoy the company of.
    I know alot of jeep people and have let them read all of this. Ill also be sharing it on Facebook and in the facebook jeep forums I'm a member of.
    Never met a more rude bunch of pricks in my "way of life".
    No one cares. Fuck off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyk View Post
    Fucking classic man! Love letter Kenny!

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    I had too. Our friends up north killed it with that show!

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    I just saw this. It's been a few days since the threats of tattling to facebook etc. and I can't believe the site is still up and running. I hate to think of Eddie being out of work with Christmas right around the corner.

    Oh yeah, this is a reoccurring theme with idiots who don't have any of the power and influence they think they do. Now I remember...

    I wonder how he's going to start a brawl from inside his safe space?

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