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Thread: axle gearing

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    axle gearing

    Need to know what kind of gearing I can go on my 1980 cj5 renegade.Has a 258 engine with a 4 speed manual T-18 transmission with a granny gear. Was on a 2 inch lift with 31 inch tires. Now on a 4 inch lift with 37 inch tires. Has an AMC 20 rear axle and a Dana 30 front axle. The P.O. had changed out the 3.54 to 3.73 gears. Now that it is on a 4 inch lift with 37's, what gear would be good for it? It is my daily driver and I go lightly 4 wheeling. P.O. replaced the rear 2 pie e axles with Yukon one piece. Thanks, Mark Feuerherdt.

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    You will be limited by the size of the existing diffs. I know you can fit 4:10s, and you might be able to squeeze 4:56 in there, but your ring size is going to get really thin.

    Have you trussed and gusseted the front axle yet? Those 37s are heavy as hell on a 30.

    I have 4:10s in mine with 33s, Borg T5. It’s great for everyday and I have no issue on the highway at 65-70.

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