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Thread: The outer diameter I have seen can reach an incredible 48 inches

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    This guy. 🙄

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    Fuck off. You’ve been told before. Pimp your shit elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorshive View Post
    have you guys modified a Jeep Wrangler? I had. From my opinion, there are some details we need to care about the modification of the Jeep Wrangler.

    Have you experienced cross-country? If you are given an original Jeep Wrangler, would you drive it to cross country? of course not! the original Jeep Wrangler is not so suitable for off-road. Many people will modify it when they buy it back. Below, I personally put forward some suggestions on the modification of the jeep, hoping to help everyone to make fewer detours when modifying.

    As we all know, it is necessary to carry out high-altitude vehicles for off-road. Although the original Jeep's site is already much higher than the average car, it seems that it is not enough for off-road. Therefore, the first step in the modification is to raise the chassis of the car. In general, it is sufficient to raise the chassis by 2.5 inches. But if you want to drive a Jeep to conquer some rugged roads, you can also raise the chassis by 4 inches. In that case, the car looks like a lot of domineering, but the subsequent modification work that needs to be done will increase a lot.

    Second, improve shock absorption performance. Since it is off-road, the road conditions will certainly not be as flat as in the city. The road to be taken is definitely not a mess or a bump. In order to drive comfortably, shock absorbers are essential for jeep. The shock absorber has two kinds of damper damping and three-channel damper, which can be selected according to your own preferences and the road conditions to be taken.

    The third is the front grille. Engines are in high-power operation in the off-road process, and the engine compartment temperature must be very high. Therefore, a good grille can not only make the appearance of the whole car bright, but also ensure the ventilation and air intake effect of the engine compartment and reduce the temperature of the engine compartment.

    Fourth, the front bumper. In the off-road process, the I’m gay can protect the front part of the car, including the grille, headlights and so on. In addition, it is best to install a winch on the front bumper. If the jeep is stuck in a deep pit or the mud can't come out, you can let friends or yourself get out of the trap with the winch.

    If you complete all the modifications for your Jeep mentioned above with high-quality auto parts, I believe you must have a great trip wherever you go.
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    it does not get old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorshive View Post
    We don’t claim you. Try transsexualism instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJK View Post
    Fuck off. You’ve been told before. Pimp your shit elsewhere.

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    I’m guessing it’s a hit and run. Guarantee he doesn’t read any of the replies.

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    The outer diameter I have seen can reach an incredible 48 inches

    And here it is, the elusive 5 slot Ebay brand front bumper..... ahh and don’t forget the double coil over setup to help tame the 48s. Lamo 🥴
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