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Thread: PR 80 E Brake Question...

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    I used J8 cables with my 80 so didn't need the spacers. But I had them from my UD60s before. Give Dynatrac a call and get new spacer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDG View Post
    Haha! Yes deeper!

    I messed around with it, I think the problem is when I push it all the way in, then the hook that grabs on the actual brake arm of the axle goes slack (or limp), so the spring cant maintain and tension.
    I apologize. I totally didn't see what you were talking about last night. Now that these other guys posted, I see that spacer welded on the one side.
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    Missing Spacer on E-Brake Cable Mount

    I talked to our engineering department to see what is supposed to be there...on the ProRock 80, there should be a spacer on each side. We don't normally weld them in place: the tension of the cable should hold them in place. Although it looks like someone welded the one in place that you show in your photo.

    In any event, we have these spacers sitting on the shelf. PM your info to us and we'll mail one to you.

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    Mine doesn't have the spacer or the spring setup on the cable.

    I had to route them down the control arms... But they plug in to that socket straight and once you hit the pocket they "click" and lock in.

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