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Thread: New head lights

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailraider View Post
    I live in the mountains and we get to -30 deg c . There may be some instances where it could happen. but I have put my Jeep through the winter paces with no problems.
    At that temp the snow is very dry so is not a problem. I have JW Speaker 8700 J2 headlights and fog lights and I have had them build up some in heavy wet snow that we get in the PNW. I think it depends on both snow type and duration of driving in that snow.

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    I just relized that export jk already have hella lamphouse and h4 bulb compared to the sealed beams on us jk. so I just bought some better h4 bulb with more lumen output and more white light and bought a pair of extra led lights that I will mount on the front bar.

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    Finally snowed. 20 minute drive in blizzard. Dry snow.

    Not that big a deal.

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