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Thread: Drain Holes on KMC XD Wheels

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesse3638 View Post
    Honestly I'm not sure why so much focus is being out on drain holes. Yes if it sits and drys there it'll leave a ring but simply dry it or blow it out when you get home.

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    So, it's not. I tried to explain in the original post and a couple posts ago. I didn't go into much detail because I thought no one would really care but the number of comments is making me think I was wrong. I originally was trying to decide between Trail Ready and KMC's. I really liked the rings that TR offers, specifically the "Rock Ring" and "World Series" ring but I liked the style of the Machete wheel itself more than TR. I also liked that rings like the World Series protect the valve stems more. I am going to be putting in Monster Valves so I'd like it to be as protected as possible.

    I couldn't decide between the two and since both had long wait times, I ordered both and figured I'd see which one arrived first. While I was waiting, I found out about Champion and OMF and saw their custom rock rings that they can make for any wheel. I figured that I could have the best of both...the Machete style wheel and a custom made rock ring that is similar to TR. Plus, the price for the Machete and the custom rock ring is still less than the TR's. The KMC's shipped first so I decided I would go that route. Since I am going to have custom rock rings made, I figured I would have drain holes cut. Not the primary goal but one of my wants. So, when they showed up and I saw that there was already a pocket more than half cut out where the drain holes would go and I realized it would be easy to drill out.

    I just finished the 5th wheel. I timed how long it took for 1 wheel since there were some that think us Oregonians have nothing better to do than spend days drilling holes. 1 wheel actually took 18 minutes. It turns out that us Oregonians have nothing better to do than spend 90 minutes drilling holes. Well, probably about 2 hours total with setup and cleanup. I started cleaning out the holes on one of the wheels with the router and a CNC bit and it actually worked really well. As I hoped, the shank of the bit rode along the end of the factory cut and the cutting part stayed right where it needed to be. I posted pictured below. I started with cutting fluid but there is so little material being removed that I did the last few without it and there were no issues. It will probably only take me another hour to finish that. So, 3 hours total. Not bad. I spent half of that just posting this thread, reading replies and posting my own replies.

    Sorry for the long post. I realize that most of you could care less and think it was stupid to begin with but if I know forums, someone will come along and have the same idea and hopefully learn from this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLO View Post
    Just wait until my drain holes are cutout in the shape of the Seahawks logo. Then you will covet my wheels! ��
    Shit now you're talking. You can have the rings engraved with the logo. You should have mentioned that in the first post. GO HAWKS (next year)

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