I couldn't find a thread that was already started titled "Who Wasted the Most Amount of Time on Their Jeep Doing a Pointless Mod" so I figured I'd weigh in.

Since I am going to Dana 60's, I needed new wheels. I want beadlocks and first priority was backspacing being between 4.75" and 5.5". Axles are full width (72") so I wanted to keep scrub radius as low as possible. I initially wanted Trail Ready's and I was first on the list for when they get the new production facility running but I got tired of waiting. Second choice was the KMC Machetes. However, the XD229's are 3.5" backspacing. The XD228 are close enough but they don't have the drain holes which I am super stubborn about wanting. After going back and forth, I decided to buy the XD228's figuring I would see what I could do once I get them. They arrived yesterday and I started drilling.

I drilled and tapped a hole for the Monster Valves opposite the standard valve. Screwed up the first one and it ended up being too close to the lip and rock ring so that you cant get the chuck all the way seated. Not a big deal...I was able to Dremel out some material and made it work but it still annoys me. It will be my spare.

I also started drilling out my own drain holes. What a pain in the ass. Actually, its just monotonous. I had to drill 4 holes per slot and there are 24 slots so I spent 2 hours drilling 96 holes in just the first wheel. Once I drill them all out, I am going to use as 1/4" carbide cutting bit in my router to clean them out and make them look better. Even though you won't ever see the slots behind the rock ring, I am anal and that's what I'm stuck with.

Obviously, I will need new rock rings with drain holes. I am either going to buy the XD229 rock rings with the drain holes or have OMF Performance make me some custom ones. I am leaning toward the latter. For anyone that cares, the rings on KMC XD wheels are 24x16-3/8". I believe they are the same as Methods.