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Thread: Hola a todos, desde España

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    Welcome to Wayalife
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    Welcome fro SoCal

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    Cool Thank you all for the welcome....

    Quote Originally Posted by Edwrds View Post
    Welcome fro SoCal

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    Thanks for the welcome....
    First to say that it is my first 4x4 .. In this forum so I see you are the most knowledgeable of these wonders called jeep wrangler ...

    This is my dream come true:
    Wrangler yj del 89 with 140,000km ... but with engine and transmission with 5,000km and newly painted body and low parts with antioxide ... Little by little and when I allow my economy I will improve it as much as I can, now it has a little problem that I think is of injection, it turns on well but soon it tends to go out, and depending on where it may be a bit dangerous after you start the march and give it a few accelerated no longer fails ...
    Here in my where I live ((Galicia) there are not many Wrangler and it is difficult to find mechanics who know a lot about these cars, now I have a mechanic who is helping me a lot and I hope you can solve the problem ...
    Now here it is winter, and it is cold but as soon as the heat arrives I will remove the Hardtop and so be able to enjoy it, it has to be .. well I do not roll more ... thank you very much for your attention ..
    From Spain..
    Greetings to all
    Google translator

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    Bienvenido a Wayalife

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