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Thread: Teralow 4.1 or stock Dana 300

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    Teralow 4.1 or stock Dana 300

    Iíve got a 76 CJ7 with a fuel injected 304. Iím putting in a Ford T18 4 speed with the 6.32:1 1st gear. Iím swapping the Dana 20 out for a 300 while Iím at it. Currently running 35Ē tires with 4.10 diffs. Thinking of going to 37ís maybe down the rd. Iím worried about losing to much wheel speed going to the 4:1. Whatís the thoughts? 4:1 or stock 2.62:1?
    The 4:1 gives me a crawl ratio of 103:1
    The 2.62 gives me a crawl ratio of around 67:1

    I like to play in the rocks in the hill country of Texas. Hoping to take my cj down the rubicon in the next couple years. We donít go to the beach and Iíll go through mud if I have to but Iíll drive around it if I can.

    Looking for opinions.

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    Depends on how you wheel. If you rock crawl, you'll love the 4:1. If you do a lot of mud or dunes you'll hate it.

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    You could always try it with out the 4.1 first. I have a np 435 in my cj and it crawls pretty good in granny gear and low range.

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    I have a 1980 4.2 with 4:10ís,T18 and a Lomax 4:1 in my D300. Love it, but I do Rocks and trails, but like Baddest cross said the type of wheeling will be a big factor! Good luck, totally dig CJís.

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    Since you have the 304 you will have enough power to do the wheel speed things like sand or mud in 4-Hi, and you will love the 4:1 low for rocks.

    If you have an underpowered rig, where you can't run hi range, the 4:1 can be trouble in snow, sand, mud, etc.

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    Thanks for the input guys. Iím going with the 4:1 in the D300

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