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Thread: Overland TJ Build ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by sm31 View Post
    Another vote for the trailer. I'm also a fan of keeping the load down low... plus the drawback of rooftop setups is you have to pack it all up every time you move the vehicle. A trailer OTOH can serve as a nice home base while you make excursions around the area... while keeping your rig light (as someone already pointed out). A final plus on the trailer is that you will have far more carrying capacity than anything on or in the vehicle could match.

    If it were a JKU, there might be some trailer-less options but I couldn't see doing it any other way in my 2001 TJ.
    this. Having gone both routes, having a properly built trailer to set up as basecamp and have excursions from is better.

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    Buddy of mine offered this up for a pretty solid price. I think it would be a solid platform to start with.

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    Looks perfect!! If the axle is in good shape, etc. then you'll be able to do great things with it! Might look at extending the tongue just a bit but that's totally nitpicking!

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    I’d like to extend the tongue, add some upper racks for my kayaks, fab up some kind of lid, repaint, etc

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    Awesome trailer to start with!!!

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