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Thread: Wave from Japan

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    Wave from Japan

    American expat and first time Jeep owner living in Saitama, Japan....feeling overwhelmed with options, underwhelmed by availability here, and completely inexperienced with off-roading, vehicle modification, etc. I've been more of a small, light, low, and fast car type my whole life, so I'm trying to get used to BIG, HEAVY, HIGH, and SLOW, but I'm fascinated.

    Any empathizers out there with helpful advice?

    2019 JL Sahara 3.6L, btw. RUBICON and MOAB not currently for sale in Japan, so, yeah...

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    Congrats on the JL! Too bad you couldn’t get a rubi though. What’s the Wheeling like in Japan?

    Welcome from Detroit

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    Welcome to wayalife from Chicagoland 👋. Congrats on the new JL👍

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    Welcome to WAL

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    Welcome to WAYALIFE from California

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    Welcome from PA!

    You should be able to get EVO parts there. Mel Wade posted a bunch of pics from an off-road show there last week or two so based on that there should be dealers there.

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