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Thread: Rough Engine Idle

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    Rough Engine Idle

    I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 6 cylinder with 82 K miles. It doesn't seem to be missing when I drive, but the Check engine light blinks. The Code indicates "Missing" , and it has a rough Idle. I have changed the Spark Plugs and the Coil Pack with NO Difference. Has anyone else experienced this symptom, or have any idea what to check next. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. I can be reached at Riflmn3006 aol com.

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    Have you checked the throttle position sensor ?
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    Check throttle position sensor and cam (crankshaft?) position sensor. Also, how are the temps? There is an issue with the later 4.0s getting hot and causing a miss in cylinder 3.

    What codes are popping?

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    Crank position sensor possibly?

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