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Thread: Finally Joining: Another New Guy

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    Finally Joining: Another New Guy

    Hi, everybody!

    I've been using the information available on the forums for a while, so I figured it's time to finally join one. I figured wayalife typically has the best write-ups, so I'd join it.

    For my family, the Jeep thing started with my dad and his '86 CJ7. My mom says that when he first bought it, the CJ looked more like a postal than an offroader. After a lift, 33's, and a couple ARB's it began to look and act the part of a 4x4.

    My brother and I drove the CJ during high school. The top and doors were purely winter-only attire for that thing, not that they really made it significantly warmer or drier inside. My brother got the bug earlier than I did, taking the CJ to the local trails here in the Front Range. Meanwhile, I was too busy with sports and girls (well, just one girl but that's beside the point).

    During that time my dad got a JKUR and drove it for a while. Fast forward a few years and that JKUR became mine. At some point in college, the top and doors came off of it and I fell in love with Jeeping. Better late than never, right?

    I've been able to meet a lot of cool people and see incredible areas because of my Jeep.

    I'll try to get some pictures of my Jeep eventually, but for now I'll have to use words. It's a red 4-door, so use your imagination. Below I've listed the major items I've done and what caused me to do it, if applicable:
    • Steel bumpers & winch (college graduation present, woohoo!)
    • CB radio for comms while on the trail, in anticipation of first Moab trip
    • 2.5" RE lift after getting high centered several times on Poison Spyder
    • 3" Synergy springs to regain the factory rake that I lost with the RE lift
    • Stainless brake lines with the new, longer Synergy springs
    • Synergy adjustable front control arms to accommodate new front driveshaft
    • New front driveshaft

    I am still on factory wheels and tires, but that will change VERY soon. Expect a build thread with a shiny new axle and other fun bits in the upcoming weeks/months

    The time has come to start doing some serious work to it, so I figured I'd start an account here for the community and the info.

    See you on the trails! Or internet, depending.

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    Welcome to wayalife.
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    Welcome to WAL

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    Welcome from Chicagoland 👋

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    Welcome from Detroit

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    Welcome to Wayalife

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    Welcome from Pa!

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    Welcome to WAYALIFE from California

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    Welcome from Apple Valley, CA

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    Welcome from Arizona!

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