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Thread: Airing Up and Airing Down Tires and I am a dumbass

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    I think you might be re-inventing..... the spare.

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    I went down the same road, minus using my spare as a on board system, trying to build a 4 tire inflation system. Like most things there are companies out there that build them cheaper than you can buy all the parts for. I found one on northern tool, plug in all four tires, plug the end of the hose into my compressor and adjust the gauge. It works really well getting all four tires up and down quickly. To deflate them, same process minus the compressor, open the valve and I can air all 4 down in less than five minutes. It’s a good idea overall, but it’s more shit you have to pack in the back of your Jeep too. Pluses and minuses.

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    Ummm I'm confused

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    I’m more stupider now

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    You have 1/4 the volume at probably 50psi. So once you equalize all 5 minus line loss you might get 10ish per tire and it will be SLOW, and you have to remember to re fill your "tank" . Only real benefit I see is that this would ensure you never have a flat spare tire which I have seen several times through the years. No one ever checks them until they are needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuicksilverJK View Post
    No one ever checks them until they are needed.

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    Unless you rotate all the tires every 5K miles

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    Using your spare as a air source may only be an option in an emergency...and you may only add around 6 psi per tire...I'd stick with the compressor...

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    Just buy a kit, its way easier and a whole lot less effort. I have the Strike Force Zebra Air Command and air up in about 12 minutes total (including getting the gear out and putting it away) from 9psi to 28psi on 37s. Because the kit is designed to be run to each wheel you don't have to deal with long hoses and packs up real nice.

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    Sometimes you can overcomplicate the living shit out of an otherwise simple process...

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    I once used spare tire air to blow out some carb jets in my M38. What you come up with when you’re desperate.

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