So I think I am clever and build a custom air hose system to air up all four tires at the same time and air all four tires down at the same time. The air hose I build will also balance out the air pressure between all four tires. The air hose is nothing special, one hose into a splitter and then hoses down each side of the Jeep. Has a gauge, and a dump valve so I know what the pressure is.


Every thing stores good in a bag. So you might be wondering how am I a dumbass. So after I get all done and do a test run and everything works fine...No problem. I then realize as I walk past the spare tire, that I am caring a 37 in tire that is basically a big air tank. If I max out the tire pressure in the spare tire and add a pig tail to my existing line, that when I get done wheeling and need to air up, by attaching the spare to the equation, It will add about 12 pounds to the other four tires. As the tire equalize in pressure, I will get out the portable air compressor and attach it to the air lines and then unhook the spare. Then my portable air compressor will only have to add about five pounds to each of the four tires. When I get home, I can use shop air compressor to fill the spare back up to max pressure. So just when I thought I was done building the air hose, back to the hardware store I go tomorrow.