Hello my fellow Jeep peeps!

I purchased my 2012 JK sport in October, and am continuing my 20+ years consecutive Jeep ownership. :grin2:
She is a 3.6 V6, 6 speed manual, and currently has 93k miles on her. So far, I had the underside sprayed in line-x, upgraded to K&N air, added the HIKEit X9, stripped the interior and exterior paint to repaint in Raptor liner, and recently paid for a new clutch kit install after I was told my throw out bearing was making the noise that could make my ears and everyone within a half mile ears bleed when I applied pressure to the clutch... And sadly, that happened 3 days after I found out I could cancel the bumper to bumper warranty the dealer included that I told him I didnít need. That was last week.

Fast forward to 3 days ago, I walked out to the JK and noticed I had a very slow fuel drip on the rear passenger side. I hadnít noticed it before because I purchased her 9 months ago at 89k miles (she has 93k today), and this was likely the first time I parked it in my 4 degree driveway with the tank full the night before - I donít know if the angel of my driveway makes any difference but Iím giving as much info as I can, and typically i park in my flat garage. I started up planning to take it to the parts store to get some ideas on the leak problem and suddenly I noticed the engine choking/sputtering which led to it stalling. I wasnít able to get it started so i took an Uber to advance auto... i explained the situation and purchased some starting fluid and spark plugs after their recommendation. The start fluid worked perfectly and was planning to change the plugs today... Since my initial use of the starting fluid spray 2 days ago, there were no issues starting or stalling, but yesterday i noticed once or twice it had a brief moment when i was driving that the acceleration was choking during the drive, and recovered quickly with no problem. Today i was driving home from an errand and noticed she was choking out bad while i was driving and I pulled into a lot. When i hit the gas, no response an was struggling at 5k rpm. She backfired a couple times, but then I changed HIKEit from economy to HIKEit, and a little choking and another backfire or two later she was responding to the throttle normally.. I pulled out and started down the road, and less than a mile down the road, she started choking again, then stalled. I wasnít able to get her started, so I applied some starting fluid a couple times and got her going.. she was choking out for a minute then stated responding to the throttle normally. I continued home. A little further down the road, she started choking again but didnít stall. I made it home, and she is in the garage about to get her plugs changed. At no point today did i see the check engine light, which seems strange.

Beyond the plugs, I would like some feedback from my fellow jeep peeps... especially about the slow drip of the fuel. I was already planning to change the fuel in pipe because so the check valve will work properly and not overflow when I fill her. Beyond the limited ideas I have from advance and a couple google searches, I know nothing about the mechanics of the wrangler.. my 6 previous Jeeps were grand cherokees and none of them had any issues. Cheers!

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