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Thread: 1 1/2" Wheel Spacer

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    1 1/2" Wheel Spacer

    Before I drop $100 on a pair of wheel spacers, I thought I'd post this up here to see if anyone has a spare I could purchase.

    I installed an EVO tire carrier and I am running factory wheels (not enough bs I think) which require a wheel spacer to mount the spare. I only need one, obviously, if anyone has one laying around.


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    I was in a very similar position to you and ended up buying a pair of 1.5" spacers. I am using one on the spare tire carrier. The other might still be in my garage. Let me look this evening.

    I'm in Denver, so it'd have to be shipped to you.

    The other option would be to get spare tire carrier spacers. They are basically the same thing but are cheaper and designed for tire carriers. They typically run $40-$60 from your usual suspects (Rugged Ridge, Teraflex, Rough Country, Smittybilt). The more respected manufacturers tend to not have these (they'd rather have you buy a new carrier). They tend to also relocate upwards, too, which might not be what you want.

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