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Thread: Rattle Free Tire Carrier, looking for opinions. PSC, Expedition one, Genright?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sph801 View Post
    I think I might have missed what size tire you're looking to carry but I have a 35" on a Rugged Ridge heavy duty tire carrier and it's solid with no rattles.

    (Not my pic)
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    Looks like Rugged Ridge should have picked a different jeep for their ad. Tailgate looks damaged and hanging low.
    Ha! That's funny. I didn't notice the damage.

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    Maximus-3 Tire Carrier

    I've a Maximus-3 tire carrier that has its own hinge and which mounts to the same (very stout) substructure as the gate hinges. The company caters to the Rubicon special editions like HR, 10A, X, etc. Very strong, takes tires up to 40", no possibility of rattles if properly configured for your wheels (make sure you tell them the diameter and backspace). Compresses tire about an inch to make tight mount with carrier. Opens with the tailgate. 5 years now and still works like new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain_Bound View Post
    Hey all, recently purchased a 16' JKUR HR that has some aftermarket parts on it already and I'm tired of the rattly tire carrier. It has the Smittybilt SRC oversized tire carrier and its horrendous with how much it rattles and we haven't even been off-road yet. Been on the tire carrier hunt for the past week or so and seems like so many options. Seems like body mounted carriers or a carrier that ties into the rear bumper would be the way to go for support. Been looking at tire carriers and tire carrier/bumper setups.

    I really love the look of the Genright tire carrier, seems like a setup like this would definitely be rattle free since it's not attached to the tailgate one bit. I could also run any bumper I like with this setup. Not sure if I like how this style of carrier attaches to the body. Not sure how well the rear corners would do if the carrier caught an edge dropping of a ledge or such. Obviously I don't plan on backing into anything but in the case of getting rear ended or if you did back into a tree or such I would imagine the body damage of the rear corners could be bad. I've seen the Evo carrier but not looking at replacing rear corners yet.

    Poison Spyder offers their Rock Brawler II bumper and tire carrier. Looks to offer pretty solid features and construction.

    Expedition One trail series rear bumper with tire carrier - looks pretty solid as well.

    JCR Shield carrier with Crusader bumper - I like the diagonal hi-lift jack mount option for this carrier.

    Any input for a rattle free solution? Thanks for your time.
    The AEV carrier would fit nicely on your HR. I’m happy with mine.

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    I have the PSC Brawler II and I have no rattles whatsoever. IMG_8916.jpg

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    Another vote for the AEV carrier. It will work with your current bumper. Carries fuel and jacks as do most of the others.

    I’ve had mine for 5 years and no issues, no rattles, and still smooth operation. That’s carrying a 110 lb spare and minimum of 5 gallons fuel the entire time over the five years.

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