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Thread: 2013 JK waterpump and T-stat replacement

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    2013 JK waterpump and T-stat replacement

    So today, the JK is at 104,000 and decided to replace the waterpump and T-stat and tentioner pully. Havnt really seen alot of writeups to here goes.
    1. Remove your airbox and supply hose that attaches to the throttle body (both held on with philips head screw clmaps. Take care when removing the sensor on the bottom of the air hose, closest to the throttle body, its a fagile sensor. 2. To remove the serpentine belt, take a 1/2 breaker bar and insert the square end in the square on the tentioner pulley mount. Applying clockwise pressure on the bar will compress the strut on the bottom of the tentioner, allowing you to remove the belt. ( little harder that it sounds, after the new one was put in, no issues with compressing the strut)
    3. Remove the two bolts holding the tentioner pully mount. ( when replacing the bolts on all parts in this article, bolts are steel, block is aluminum. Be careful and use the appropriate torque specs).
    3. Disconnect the battery. Disconnect wires on top and alternator and Remove the alternator and support bracket. Remove the two remailing idler pullys. (Pictures of water pump, gasket and tensioner pulley included). 4. Remove the T-stat hose, and the two hoses that attach to the water pump. Remove the 9 bolts holding the waterpump to the block. Some bolts are long and some are short. Take care to remember which bolts came out of which hole. The long bolts have a small black gasket on them. If it does not come out with the bolt, work it in the hole till it does and put the gaskets back on the long bolts. 5. Tap the waterpump with a hammer and gently pull. It will seperate away from the gasket. 6. Remove the gasket. 7. Remove the thermostat. They are held on with star bolts. Remove the black gasket attached to the T-stat housing. 8. Replace new t-stat. New gasket is in the t-stat housing. Just mount and bolt back on. 9. Attach new waterpump gasket. It will line up with the bolt holes and has a gasket built in, so no need for RTV. Replace the bolts on on the waterpump. Make sure the long bolts go where they are supposed to. Long bolt go into the block fyi) (see the picture) i believe the bolts are 8fp torque. 10. Mount and bolt on the new tentioner pulley. It will help if you thread the belt now the way its supposed to go on all the pullys. 11. Mount the two idler pullys. Re-attach the alternator and alternator mount. 12. Attach the remaining belt on the last pully (far left pully) by compressing the strut on the tentioner pully. 13. Fill the radiator as full as it will get. 14. On the top of the t-stat housing is a screw cap. Turn the screw counter clockwise 3 full turns. You will hear air escaping and then radiator fluid will start coming out. Doing this will bleed air from the system.( VERY IMPORTANT) 15. Run the engine, with the heater on HEAT and the blower on the LOWEST setting. Continue topping off fluid. Make sure temp gauge is correct and any remaining air is out. 16. Reattach the airbox.
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