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Thread: Moab September 14-19 2019

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    Moab September 14-19 2019

    I am driving my jeep out from Maryland with another group and doing some wheeling in Colorado. Once done there on Sept 14th, I would like to head out to Moab UT until the 19th. This is my first time in Moab and would like some company for the wheeling. I want to hit Triple Threat (poison spider mesa, golden spike, & gold bar rim), cliff hanger behind the rocks, fins & things, metal masher, hell's revenge, and top of the world trails. Anyone want to join me for some wheeling in Moab? Running a 2015 JKU w/3 inch lift 37's and lockers front & rear.


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    Sounds like a pretty ambitious schedule.
    I will follow this and see if I can get away. Too far out for me to tell, but it sounds like fun.

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    Also interested . Following but can’t commit this early either .

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    Moab September 14-19 2019

    It would be Moab twice in one year for me. How fun would that be? Unlikely, but you never know. 🤞🏻

    Going to Iron Maiden in September 14, so I couldn’t leave until the 15th.

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    I'll keep my eye on this thread, I'd love to do this but not sure this early how projects will be on that quarter.

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    I’ll see what I can pull together as well. I’ll post up later in the summer if I can make it work.

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    Would also be very interested and driving out out of Maryland myself. As others have said it’s pretty far out but will definitely see what I can do

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