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Thread: Hotoil light while daily driving

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    Hotoil light while daily driving

    I read the posts regarding the "Hotoil" light and still cannot seem to find the main cause. I have taken my 2007 jeepJKU to 2 dealers and none could figure out the cause. I get the hot oil just driving to work for no more than 12 minutes. Then the vehicle won't start. I have tried starting it on neutral and every other combination. Unplugged the terminals for an hour and still nothing. The only way it will start if i disconnect the TIPM and the battery terminals for at least 2 hours.
    Things that got replaced:
    • Transmission cooler
    • TIPM
    • Battery
    • Verified for any leakage

    and all done at the two dealers which they kept for 5 weeks and they came back with nothing. I also checked the wiring that someone mentioned in an old post and everything looked good. No damage to any wiring.

    Thanks everyone


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    Try replacing your trans fluid...maybe it’s been burned...

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    Blockage in the system? Try taking the cooler out of the circuit. If the problem disappears that suggests there’s some defect in the cooler.

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    Thanks, Fiend and Brute. that's is something we did not try. I will try bypassing the cooler and if its the same. I will replace the transmission fluid. Will give an update this week

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