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Thread: Las Vegas bound

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    Las Vegas bound

    we have friends in Vegas, thought this time we might drive out instead of flying, every time we flying in or out of Vegas I see all these trails leaving town heading out into the desert, we were wonding is it safe just to take off cross country, is there a Moab type book we can get. better place around Vegas to go ??? Thanks

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    I found a cool trail once out of the Red Rock Canyon park thing. About half way around the paved loop there is a gravel road that takes off up the hill. The rental Jeep Grand Cherokee was not happy... But it made it out the other side!

    I always wanted to go back and check it out in my Jeep.
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    The trail out the back of Red Rock is called Rocky Gap Road. It is pretty good.

    What sort of trails are you looking for?

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    There are all sorts of trails.

    Vegas is still a small City in a large desert. Just about any direction you head, there is a trail.

    If you get lost, the city lights act as a beacon to direct you back where you want to go.

    You can drive on dirt all day and never get far from town, or you can drive dirt all day and be on the other end of the state.

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    alone and unprotected

    we'll be by our self's, just wanna take in the desert and check it out. trails were we wont get bogged down in sand

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    Quote Originally Posted by woof359 View Post
    we'll be by our self's, just wanna take in the desert and check it out. trails were we wont get bogged down in sand
    You're in a Jeep. Air down to 12-15psi, don't spin the tires, and you'll be fine... You'll want to air down at least to 15-18 to soften up your ride anyway. You can head west through Red Rock towards Pahrump and Beatty there is a lot of cool things to see out in that desert. Even head south from there and go out to Dumont and play in the Dunes if you want. There is a cool trail that will take you North from there called the Sperry Wash in the Amargosa river. You'll see old segments of the T&T railroad. It's about 23 miles of easy to moderate driving. You can stop at the China Ranch and have a date shake too. I'm sure you can also find some trails up towards Mt. Charelston and probably go play in some snow thats left too. You're options are endless. Google what I mentioned to get more info.

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