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Thread: Helloooooo from Calgary!!!!

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    Helloooooo from Calgary!!!!

    Hey Jeepsters, thanx for adding me. I just bought a 99 Wrangler TJ and I want to build a roof rack approximately 7’ long by 5’ wide so my girlfriend and I can sleep up there(we will be spending every summer weekend camping in thick bear country). Anyone done any DIY roof rack projects you could share pics of? I’m curious...

    Happy Jeeping!!!

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    Welcome from Detroit. Haven’t seen one for a TJ, but I’m sure someone built one.

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    Welcome from Ft Wayne In, I would use thick steel for camping in bear country!

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    Welcome to WAL from Indiana.

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    Welcome from Winnipeg MB. Not a fan of camping with bears!! Good luck with the DIY bear proof roof rack. Sounds heavy

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    Welcome from New Jersey!
    In bear country may I suggest installing expanded metal fence section around said sleeping quarters on the roof? We want to hear more from you in the future.
    I’d suggest a good plumbing supply house and use black pipe and readily available 45 degree and 90 degree elbows.

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    Welcome to Wayalife from Ontario
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    Welcome to WAL from Kansas City. So long as you don't present yourself as food or a threat bears, as well as, other critters should leave you alone.
    Courtesy is given. Respect is Earned.

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    Welcome to Wayalife from Saskatchewan.👋

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    Welcome to Wayalife from New Mexico.

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