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Thread: JK overheating then not

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    Quote Originally Posted by longarmwj View Post
    Mines doing the same thing. It’ll go up to about the 3/4 mark on the gauge then go back down once the fan kicks on. Gonna try washing the radiator out to see if there’s any mud or anything gummed up there and go from there.

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    This is a big issue. Most of the time it’s old mud stuck between the condenser and the radiator not allowing proper air flow to pull the heat out of the coolant. I’m sure you will be surprised as how much washes out.
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    Mine was doing this when it got into the mid 70s outside. I flushed the cooling system, replaced with fresh coolant, and replaced the thermostat... So far no more issues.

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    I've been dealing with the same issue on my 2010. When running the AC and at 65mph, temperature would climb to the 3/4 mark until I turned the AC off and slowed down...temp would drop back to midpoint.

    I had the AC compressor checked and even though the AC was blowing cold, it was low. They put dye in the system and haven't had issues since getting the AC done but I still need to take it back to check for leaks.

    I suspect my water pump may be failing as well.

    I replaced the thermostat and housing at a hotel parking lot due to a pinhole in the housing but when I refilled the radiator it appeared to not have a constant flow.

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    I’ll just throw this out there, try “burping” it uphill with the radiator cap off. It’s an old trick on atv’s that works but I’ve never burped a coolant system without the radiator standing tall without success. Cozdudes right about the air problem.
    If it persists it may be a leak, check your therm gasket or maybe head gasket ☹️

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    There’s a bleeder screw on the thermostat housing on the 3.6. You have to remove the throttle body in order to get at the screw. Open the bleeder and remove the cap, when you get coolant flowing from the bleeder, close it up and top off the radiator.

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    Just thinking, if it’s fine after burping but then overheats after sitting you’ve definitely got a leak.

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    I had the same issue. I replaced the fuse, thermostat, and flushed the radiator. Then it overheated again. I found the negative battery terminal was slightly loose, not even enough to move it by hand. Tightened it up and haven't had any issues since. The terminal was loose enough to prevent the fan from turning on.

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    Us old mechanics jack up front of vehicle about a foot, so rad cap is highest point of system. Run until cooling fan kicks in. Put cap on after topping up before letting front end down.

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