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Thread: Need help with Dana 60 front calipers

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    Need help with Dana 60 front calipers

    Trying to get to the pads in Fusion 4x4 front calipers (Dana 60ís). I removed the top pin to rotate them down. The rears were easy and I only needed to remove the top bolt and they pivoted down to access the pads. On the front, it will only pivot about 1/2Ē and and it hits hard against something. Itís like there is a pin or clip that is stopping the rotor from rotating down. I have done searches and most show either a torx screw that needs to be removed or a clip that slides out. I donít have either of those. Anyone know how to get to the pads without removing both pins?

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    Just take the calipers off. Itís 2 bolts.

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