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Thread: Safari too and rain

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCVRY View Post
    I pull the doors and windows every summer and leave them off until fall. Its my daily driver and its definitely not for everyone. People ask what happens when it rains and my response is always I get wet.

    I also keep a spare t-shirt, socks and drawers in my console. Its a wayalife.

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    I do the same thing, Last summer was the first summer I didn't It sat parked most of the year. My step son just asked last week once we get moved can we pull the top and doors. Of course we can..haha. I have been caught in thunder storms with just my homemade screen top on and as long as I was moving I stayed fairly dry. Once I stopped it was a who;e different story. I always carry a heavy jacket and pants because you never know.

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    Thanks all for the responses. Not sure yet what Im going to do.

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