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Thread: 2014 overheating issues

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    2014 overheating issues

    Hi All,

    First post here so go easy on me.

    A couple of days ago my 3.6l 2014 JK started overheating badly on the way home. Once I got it home It gave me a check engine code:

    P0117 - Engine coolant temperature sensor 1 circuit low input.

    I got in the engine bay, and did some digging. Both the upper and lower coolant hoses were emtpy, and cold, the fan was always on while the engine was running, no visible leaks in the coolant system.

    This told me it was a thermostat, or water pump issue. I replaced both of those to no success.

    I then replaced the radiator, to no success.

    After replacing those 3 components, I'm pretty stumped on what to do. I don't think its the temperature sensor as the engine is almost certainly running hot (fan constantly on, burning smell from the engine bay), and I don't think there is a leak anywhere.

    Anyone on here got any bright ideas?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I’d say a possible blockage in the heater core is something to consider. I’m sure others will chime in as well. In the mean time head over to the wave section and say hi and introduce yourself. Lots of helpful people here.

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    Did you bleed the system properly after the replacements parts?
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    If your cooling system was empty and there were no visible leaks you need to check your head gaskets. Do you have more visible fluid coming out of the exhaust than normal? Is your oil over full and milky? The leak can be easily tracked down with hvac uv dye you can find at any part store and a cooling system pressure tester. Pour the dye in the coolant run it to mix then pressurize the system. Often you can hear the hissing where it's leaking if not throw the uv light in the bay and look for leaks.

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    Side note don't pressurize the system more than what's noted on your cap. The 3.6l if I remember correctly is 15psi which is pretty standard so don't go over 15psi with the tester or you can blow hoses or create new leaks to fix Haha.

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