The other day I was coming down off the trail near my house in South Reno. I was moving a pretty quick pace on a rough trail, had to pick the kids up from the bus stop.

The next day, the Jeep went into "Limp Mode". 3.8L, 152k miles, 42RLE trans replaced 30k miles ago.

Couldn't clear the code without disconnecting the battery for a bit (10 min or so) then it operated normal. After I drove it a bit, I got the code again and it stuck in 2d gear.

I took it to A1 Trans in Reno and they said they think it's electrical.

I took it to a decent mechanic for a second opinion...couldn't figure it out.

Here's the kicker...When I drove it to A1, it operated fine. Gears shifted and no codes. Did the same thing when I took it to the second mechanic who was 16 miles away.

Thoughts? I've looked around online and can't seem to find any good resources for troubleshooting.