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Thread: ROAM JL Stealth Snorkel

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    Well, I am impressed with the level of detail ROAM has gone through to make sure this product works right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdofmemi View Post
    Well, I am impressed with the level of detail ROAM has gone through to make sure this product works right.
    Right? I'm not a fan of snorkels in general, but I am a fan of science, design, and doing the right thing. A company actually looking out for their customer is refreshing.

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    Appreciate the level of engineering and due diligence with your product.

    But can we still fold down the windshield?

    Just sayin.

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    [QUOTE=ROAM;1153490]Do you mean the external snorkel tube itself or the airflow/cross section of the internal engine to cowl piece (pictured above)?

    If you're talking about the cross section of the internal engine to cowl piece, we've made a few unpleasant discoveries during dyno testing on our previous experiential prototypes so we've had to increment a few more revisions. On our initial experimental prototypes, when installed on a JL with a 3.6L, there was a consistent ~3-5hp loss at lower RPMs that we couldn't explain despite having better/correct flow (via flow bench testing, less flow restriction vs stock when tested on a SuperFlow flow bench) and having larger cross sections everywhere vs stock. This was truly bizarre because when installed on a JL with a 2.0L, not only do we not lose power we actually gain hp. And although a similar hp loss can be measured on a 3.6L JL when a Mopar JL snorkel is installed, this was a phenomenon that we deemed needed to be investigated fully.

    While the minor hp loss could have been easily attributed to dyno variances, but we decided instead that this should be verified with more vehicles and more dynos. So we went from testing with a dynojet to an axle hub dyno instead which eliminated the variable of tires. This was actually easier said than done because even the angle of the rear driveshaft played a part in the measured power output, which was solved by buiding a jig to hold the vehicle at a constant height during testing.

    This still didn't explain why we're gaining power on a 2.0L - but losing power and only at low RPMs with a 3.6L, however small an amount.

    After a few more rounds of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) development and factoring, we started over with a transitional or "variable" flow centric flow model instead. Apparently the venturi effect, helmholtz effect, and sizing the plenum correctly played a bigger role than previously theorized, and all influence transitional airflow, or in other words the "initial" momentum of air. So by making improvements to account for better "variable" flow and then eliminating low speed air tumble regions and air merge paths, we've eliminated a bunch of flow restrictions that are apparently only present during low airflow speeds which our superflow flow bench testing did not show because it measures at a constant setting.

    To summarize the above, we're now at where we're at least not consistently losing a tiny amount of power vs stock anymore (if not a consistent few hp gain in a few places). Who could've thought that we'd lose power with a straight pipe with minimal bends?

    The reason for the power gain on the 2.0L was also discovered as well eventually: The 2.0L heat soaks a lot more vs the 3.6L, and by relocating the intake point, we've improved the IATs (intake air temps), (special thanks to HPT for logging support). We've been able to verify this phenomenon by simply connecting a hose to the intake inlet of of 2.0L and then when relocated *anywhere* (or a few feet away) we were then able to reproduce the power gain during dyno testing.[QUOTE]

    LOL, I was just asking if the snorkel looked good!

    But I appreciate the level of detail you went to explain the the tube!

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