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Thread: PCV and vent tube.

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    PCV and vent tube.

    While replacing my oil cooler, I broke the plastic vent tube right where it connects to the intake. I thought about replacing the whole vent tube line, but when I realized how hard it would be to get to the connector at the PCV valve, I decided to make a temporary fix. I installed a 4" long HD rubber hose from the broken end of the vent tube to the intake. Seemed appropriate at the time. Now that hose collapsed due to the vacuum. It still runs fine and no codes, but I want a better fix.

    Give me ideas.

    I will replace the whole vent tube and pcv valve later, right now I'm looking for flex adapters that won't collapse in vacuum.


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    Just temporary? Run a 4" length of rigid brake line through the rubber tube.

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