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Thread: Out of round or out of balance?

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    Out of round or out of balance?

    Just rotated my tires (5 wheel rotation) for the first time since purchasing, and as luck would have it... the newly rotated "spare" looks like it may have a balancing issue. But I'm wondering... is there a way to tell whether a tire/wheel is out of round rather than out of balance? If it is out of round, I'm afraid it might be too slight to see just from giving the unweighted wheel a spin... but there is just enough wobble of some sort to give annoying feedback through the steering wheel. Thinking of loosening and re-torquing the lug nuts in case that may help but it's a long shot.

    Since they're beadlocks, is there anything else I can try at home? Guess I could re-mount the tire (once I confirm it's the former spare) but I'm not sure that will have any effect.


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    It think it's more likely the tire needs to be balanced than it be out of round. Try balancing and see if the problem is corrected

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    I got the same thing going on. Iíve been to discount tire multiple times to try and rebalance the one Iím having issues with. I finally gave up yesterday and Iím just running it on the back since I hardly notice it there. I assume itís got a small flat spot that I canít see since they swear itís balanced. Maybe it will wear to round again? If not, time to try out some STT Pros

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    by putting a tireless wheel on a balancer and giving it a spin you should be able to see even the slightest out of round/bend. if its so minor you cant see it, then it should affect the ride. the tire could be out of round but that's impossible to tell by sight, as far as i know. typically if the whole combo is out of round but the wheel checks out then its determined to be the tire (have dealt with this more than a few times).

    are your wheels hub centric? if not, do you have hub centering rings? that can cause vibration and feel like something is out of round. or, like you said, could be a flat spot if the vehicle has been sitting for a long time.

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    In the case of tires, out of balance is caused by an out of round condition. Itís that simple!

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    Iím having the same problem with new sst pros. The guy balancing the tires told me that he loves the sst pro but they are hard to balance. I also think my bead lock rings have something to do with mine. Iím gonna break mine down and reinstall the ring and see if it makes a difference

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    Was the spare tire balanced when you originally bought it? have it road force balanced.
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