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Thread: Glad I don't live in Sacramento

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    Glad I don't live in Sacramento

    WTF, so you can't work on your own vehicle in your own garage in California, but it's ok to take a dump in the street?
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    That is ridiculous!!
    I live about 45 minutes away from Sacramento. Havenít ever really liked that city anyways.

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    wow... California get more ridiculous every day.

    It's a Black Mirror episode getting worse every day.

    Pretty soon there will be tree huggers at the every road into California turning away anyone who drives a gas vehicle or doesn't carry the book of approved words and phrases...

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    I bet that no good Gary Conner has something to do with it.

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    So glad I left that shithole state.

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    Itís too open ended. I donít disagree with some of it but I also donít agree. Thatís why I plan to move away from cities. Donít look at me in my property.

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    Per the Los Angeles and California Building Code... garages are solely for Parking Cars.... Kind of like Attics are Not to be used for Storage. But no one enforces it unless your neighbors complain. And if they do... you might be screwed. When I built my garage the inspector and I often got side tracked talking about my 65 chevy and it kinda made the inspections go smoothly. There is a HUGE car culture in California.... and most embrace it. The problem is those who run a mechanic shop out of their garage as a Business. And I tend to agree that is not cool... as it could be an eye sore and noise problem day in and day out.... If only because the homes in the city are so close together. Personally, I could never own a house with a Front yard Garage.

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    I tell people all the time I'd love to live miles from anyone, right smack in the middle of my property. They all think I'm crazy cause I'd be so far away from everyting, but that's totally the point lol

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    Meh. Itís a typical powertrainTV article. Pure click bait.

    Have you guys actually read this specific code? Without the powertrain dramatization. It pretty much says you canít have a lift in your driveway working on other peoples cars.
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    Iím so glad I donít live in that shit show. I live 20 minutes out of town and at times think itís too close to people still tbh my neighbors are too close, the neighbor kids were harassing my chickens today

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