The end to a years long search draws near. Since seeing one years ago, I have been searching for a Safari Windshield. I understand they are also referred to as an Export or Ventilated Windshield. Through the generosity of my friend Frank E., I was given a (mostly) complete restorable example; and through good luck, more recently acquired one in near perfect condition. The guys at Provost Motorsports have combined the two, are putting the finishing touches on it now and should have it in place for Sierra Trek.

Here is what I have learned about these windshields: They are referred to as, Export - Ventilated - Safari. Export, because they were an option available only on jeeps intended for export (kinda makes sense). Ventilated, because you can open them - like a vent (makes sense too). Safari, which you think makes sense - but I have been on several safaris and there's either so much dust you wouldn't want it in your face - not good, the actual glass portion is reduced and tilting it would only decrease visibility - worse, or you lay it down flat (kinda negates the venting option) put on goggles like John Wayne in Hatari and hope the hell some pissed off something doesn't end up in your lap - "a most unfortunate experience" (local phraseology). Of those 3, and if the marketing dept had anything to do with it - I'd go with one that conjures up the allure, mystic, and magical sense of adventure on some far off continent - screw whether it actually works.

I've also heard they were simply made up from components of other military windshields, the frames being M38A1, adding an inner frame and seal to the existing glass (further reducing viewing area), these being the only unique parts, and the hinge, latches, and slides from similar existing applications. In this case it would be: Windshield - 1 each, ventilated (summer use) - would have detailed instructions on assembly and use - screw allure, mystic, adventure, whether it actually works, and ship them out just in time for winter ops.

I must confess, I don't know which of the above (if any) are actually true. My sources are merely bits and pieces of conversations or correspondence over the years combined with some WAG and presented more for entertainment than actual fact. Such are the effects of flying half-way around the world, returning from another magical adventure. Awake for 36 hours and I'm not feeling the need for sleep - "reellee Honey, am good".

Should someone know the actual history of these windows and forgive my irreverent hypothetical rambling, please - "Am I right? Close? Ballpark?

I really do have a Safari Windshield - honest, with enough pieces to build a spare. Here's a picture of it; I'm sure the Provost site has a few more.