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Thread: Remove currie anti-rock system

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    Remove currie anti-rock system

    After using the anti-rock system on both front and rear of my 2012 JKU sport for 3 years, i've now woken up and realized the system just isn't for me. I really do not like the street manners especially on 2 lane mountain roads. On trails i really want to get all i can out of my articulation going forward.

    I have 2010 Rubicon dana 44s front and rear with factory e-lockers.

    Having said that... are there any quality sway bar systems out there that you are using? or would you just put the factory sway bars back on?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I personally like my factory rubi sway bar and manual disconnect, I don't use all of its potential as 90 percent of my driving in on pavement but I like its off road capabilities and on road (connected) manners. Just my 0.02

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    Ditto on the stock Rubicon bar. I grabbed one and installed it a couple years ago along with the manual No Limits disco and it's fantastic. Honestly I think I like the manual disco better than the factory electrical motor because I can unhook it and leave it like that in 2Hi or 4Hi & go as fast as I want without it automatically connecting. Nice for traveling on gravel or back roads.

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    Why not go back to stock?

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    going back to stock is at the top of my list... just wanted to know if there were any better sway bars or disconnect options out there.

    now to source stock sway bars since I did not keep my stocker bars

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    I ran the SwayLoc for years great on and off road. Didn't loose any flex off road.
    Only reason I removed it was it wouldn't clear with my C/O's and Bypass's.
    Went to a TK1 racing front and a Currie rear both mounted in non stock locations.
    I get a little lean on the street but livable.

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    I’ve removed two front AntiRocks from two jeeps; put stock oem back on JK6 and a Rubicon on the won’t regret it...

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