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Thread: Project Blue Jeep

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    Project Blue Jeep

    Now that Iíve had this a couple months it might as well get its own thread.

    It was named Blue Jeep, BJ for short. It wasnít me but damnit it caught on quick and I have the sense of humor of a preteen so what the hell.

    2001 TJ
    4.0l 5spd
    30/44 3.73
    Under 150k

    Picked this up to replace my last one that started to rust beyond repair. That being said itís not rust free and requires some surgery but is much much better.


    Started swapping parts almost immediately. Bumpers, headlights, pulled all the old electrical out of the old one. Had to do something about the ugly ass faded fenders, have yet to decide what kind of fenders/flares it will end up with as the front driver is already rusted through.


    Swapped the lift and the 35s over

    Did some maintenance, this one has ac! And it mostly works! Small leak somewhere have to find but itís been nice out so Itís been naked for months anyways.

    Used it to run the boat up to gas station, got the boat running after years (finally)

    This old guy has a couple more things to swap and ready to sell off as a trail toy

    Did a nice little shakedown drive through the woods

    Been working on getting everything mechanical looked over and swapped. Ran seafoam and marvel mystery oil through the oil system to quiet down the old lifters and it has made it better but theyíre still loud. One of these things Iíll just deal with until it needs a rebuild as the lifters on a 4.0 arenít removable without taking the head off and if Iím going that far into it im rebuilding the head and putting in new pistons and rings.

    Swapped the atf4 fluid in the transfer case today, if you didnít already know some aluminum foil makes a great ďcatch panĒ if you make a tray out of it and set it in the skid plate and then poke a hole in it where it lines up with three hole in the skid plate, makes a much easier clean up. And yeah, thatís the color of the fluid that came out, darker than burnt oil and smelt horrible, it should be red.

    While I was there figured Iíd swap the speedo gear as well to find out that it already had the same one.

    Had a little extra time today so I cleaned up and refinished the rear bumper lights so I can wire them up tomorrow and install them.

    Sanded the oxidation down primed and bedlined, resealed the gaskets so water doesnít leak in.

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    Project Blue Jeep

    On to the surgery, after wire wheeling for hours I came up with a game plan that will be one patch piece for the left rear control arm mounts, both full tub mount channels, the driver floor pan has a small probably 8x8 section if not the whole pan weíll see which when I start cutting that. A small patch on the passenger rear control arms, and possibly the skid plate mounts as they look ugly and if Iím doing it now I might as well right? Then the entire frame and under tub will be painted with a spray on epoxy primer that Iíve used on other vehicles and has been bullet proof through winter.

    Ignore the temporary booger patch, didnít have a helmet so did it blind by feel to just get by for a couple weeks

    Ran the upper door frames through works blaster, make a couple welds and repaint them good as new

    Once the metal is all taken care of the list of little things

    -Replace broken center console sub speaker
    -Clutch and throwout bearing (bearing is shot and driving me crazy, might as well do clutch if dropping the trans
    -minor exhaust work
    -replace coil pack, cylinder three is intermittent in the rain
    - add more forward lighting
    - fenders of some kind
    - build bumper mount tire carrier
    - install heated seats
    - decide on a location for 6-switch panel for aftermarket toys, the old location looked ghetto in the last Jeep
    - hardtop controls
    -Wire in homelink garage door opener
    -Mount cb, find a better location for antenna that doesnít grab so much tree
    - different lift kit that doesnít suck ass like this rough country I swapped over onto it
    - bump stops
    - slip yoke eliminator for the new lift
    - rock lights
    - on board air
    - Aussie lunchbox for the Dana 44
    - wire interior winch controller plug
    - find full doors
    - modify the gas tank to take the full 21 gallons instead of 15, asshole design.
    -valve cover gasket
    - swap rear drums to discs

    Overall Iím pretty happy with it, it was the right price and although itís going to take more welding and hands on work than I thought I learned enough from the last one that I can make better choices on the build.

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    Nice project! That will be fun to tinker on for the next few years. Your new mounts look really nice!

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    Thatís great! Nice work.

    2015 JKUR AEV JK350
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    Nice work so far.
    Jeep parts and accessories purchased through the following link will help support this forum and at no cost to you.

    Support the JL forum: JLWRANGLER.COM


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    Did someone say BJ?

    Cool project!
    2013 JKU Sport "Spider" with some EVO goodies and a chop here and there

    DIY trail/tube door build

    Overall "build thread"

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC Wrangler View Post
    Did someone say BJ?

    Cool project!
    I figured with that name I wonít be able to get mad at it as much 🤣

    Resprayed bumper

    Installed lights

    Ditched the third brake light

    Tried to fit the 33 on the spare carrier, I know a 35 wonít fit when I get my spare but Iím a visual guy and will likely build my own carrier so seeing it helps.

    Then went back to the good life

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    Looks great! That would be so fun to restore.

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