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Thread: Need help deciding which front uppers to get

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    Need help deciding which front uppers to get

    Right now I have RK front lowers and donít mind them, Iv had them almost 2 years and theyíve given me no issues. I donít maintain them like I should either. Hell Iv only greased them a few of times. Anyways, I need to buy some adjustable front uppers so I can move my axle forward. My pinion angle is too low and with my prorock Iím running slightly excessive caster. My tires are also running at full lock in the rear so need adjustables ASAP.

    Iíd like to go with something not extremely high maintenance, but I also donít really want to ďupgradeĒ yet keep utilizing a solid rubber bushing.

    Right now my main choices are core 4x4 and Rock Krawler. The rock krawlers I can get slightly cheaper but the cores use a Johnny joint. The only thing that confuses me about core is on their website they have tier 2, 3, and 4 front uppers and Iím assuming they just used generic descriptions because it says they come with double JJ or one flex joint and one JJ. Being that the front uppers only have one joint I just donít know what Iím actually buying. Iv tried messaging them with no luck.

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    Iíve been look at the core 4x4 as well. I think the tier 3 and tier 4 are actually the same arm for the front uppers. They are the same price. The tier 2 just have a little bit smaller tubing I believe. I donít think they come with replacement bushings for the axle side. If they do that may be the difference in the 3&4. Iíve been meaning to email either them or Bubba to clarify.

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    Yeah the description on their website says they come with either rubber flex joint or one welded one forged Johnny joint. I THINK youíre right about 3 and 4 being the same, just wish theyíd list it differently on their website to avoid confusion.

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    Clayton or Synergy arms with dual durometer bushings. No need to grease.

    Clayton Overland+ uses the new durometer bushing. They flex very well. Made very well. And priced great.

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